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The questions you should be asking before having car vinyl wraps installed onto your vehicle

If you have being considering different car vinyl wraps for your vehicle. Then hopefully this guide will help you ask the right questions to ensure you are getting a quality job for your investment.


Is the vinyl wrapping company a specialist?

Vehicle and car vinyl wrapping requires both experience, skills and specialist fitting of the vinyl wraps. Ask for photos and evidence of vinyl wraps which have been carried out by the company in question. It is also good to ask for customer testimonials as an indication of how good the company is at vinyl wrapping.

Is the companies premises heated and covered? When applying a vehicle wrap the optimum temperature for applying a vehicle wrap is around 22 degrees celius, this way the vinyl film is much more comfortable and less brittle. Therefore the adhesive is allowed to flow more quickly. The environment the vehicle is wrapped in is a very important part to help protect the longevity of the vehicle wrapping.

Dust free environments for your wrap

No matter what vehicle is being wrapped with vinyl, it needs to be dust free to ensure a full bond between the actual film and the vehicle. If any contaminates get onto the surface it can reduce the bond between the adhesive and the vinyl wrap.


Has the person applying the vehicle or car vinyl wraps had 3M training?

If you are using 3M as your chosen product for your vehicle or car vinyl wraps, there are specialist techniques involved in the process which the person carrying out the wrap needs to know. All our fitters at Custom Coats have carried out the 3M training and are qualified fitters.

The quality of the vinyl car wraps

High quality vinyl car wraps can take up to 15 hours. On an average size car anything less than a day for a full wrap should be really questioned.

The material used for the process is equally important. If you are wanting 3M please ensure that it is 3M they are using. Ask to see a sample of the vinyl and the colour you are having applied to the vehicle.

Have you being informed by the person carrying out the vinyl wrap that it is considered a modification by insurers and therefore may incur a charge?

Your car or vehicles bodywork

The bodywork of your vehicle or car must be suitable for vinyl wrapping. If you have recently had fresh or new paintwork applied it must be properly cured.

With digitally printed images logos, lettering etc need to be placed exactly where you want them. We recommend that you have these and any important images positioned on flat surfaces.

Bonnet and boot wrap edges all need to be trimmed and applied correctly.

Things to watch out for after your car or vehicle has being wrapped

If you have decided to opt for a metallic wrap, you need to ensure that the metallic flake is all going in the same direction.

Check to see if you can see the original body colour from outside the vehicle when the doors are shut, any joints should be neat and tidy.

The vehicle or car wrap should be free from stratches and there should not be any unacceptable disolouration or distortion showing where the film has been stretched.

Things to look out for in vinyl wrap failures

Often where the wrong vinyl film has been used or applied incorrectly, it can end up peeling back and lifting in areas such as:

  • The body work seams and panel edges
  • Door, bonnet and the boot lid edges
  • Around the edges of the wing mirrors
  • The wheel arches
  • Number plate recesses
  • Where the vinyl overlaps and joins

With printing vehicle or car vinyl wraps distortion can occur when the vinyl film is over stretched or too think, signs to look out for are: Too much image and logo distortion in the recesses and around heavily curved areas. Although some distortion can be expected it should not be to a large degree.

If the graphic is loosing colour in stretched areas, in these cases the colour would be lost and appear white.

With matte colours if too much heat is applied to the vehicle or car vinyl wraps a matte finish can appear glossy.

Why choose Custom Coats for your Vehicle or Car Vinyl Wraps?

We are highly trained 3M specialists in Vinyl Wraps. The reason we are pointing out the things to watch out for in this article is due to the fact we have seen many of these cases over the years in our showroom. Cutting costs and going for a cheaper option is not always the best route. If you are looking to have a vehicle or car vinyl wrap carried out it is essential that you go with a reputable product and fully qualified fitters.

Our wealth of knowledge and skill-set we have developed over the years within the vinyl wrapping industry has lead us to be one of the leading companies in the North East.

The experience we have developed goes much further that just car vinyl wraps. It includes:  Vehicle fleet livery, Multi Million Pound Mega Yachts and Vinyl Wraps for Aircrafts and Trains. There are not many companies in the North East or the UK which could say that!

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Change your look with a new Car Vinyl Wrap in the North East


Start 2015 with a new look with a car vinyl wrap. Car vinyl wraps are not just getting extremely popular in the North East, we are seeing this trend grow right across the UK.

Over the years Custom Coats have built up an excellent reputation when it comes to applying car vinyl wraps to vehicles. This reputation is not just in Newcastle but right across the North East region.

We have worked on lots of projects throughout the region for car wraps. From small cars to luxury vehicles. Some of the car vinyl wraps have been on cars such as micras, golfs, BMW’s, Audi’s, Range Rovers, Benleys and Aston Martins. So you can appreciate when it comes to the car vinyl wrapping industry we certainly know our stuff!

Changes to Car Vinyl Wraps

Over the years we have seen quite a lot of changes when it comes to Car Vinyl Wraps. Technology has improved quite a bit since we first started wrapping.  Almost anything is possible and the choice of colours is huge.

Reasons to add a Car Vinyl Wrap to your car

Car Vinyl Wrap- Colour Change

If you are tired of the colour of your car. Don’t just change it for the sake of the colour. With our 3M vinyl car wrapping, we can totally change the colour and appearance of your car. We can change roof colours, side mirrors and much more.

A car vinyl wrap can either freshen up your old paintwork or give your car a complete new colour.

We are fully trained 3M specialists when it comes to car vinyl wraps. With our technical knowledge and quality materials from 3M. You can totally change the appearance of your vehicle. With no permanent re-sprays required.

We have a huge selection of colours and finishes to choose from including;

From Carbon Fibre, Matt Black, White, Blues and Pinks. No mess and damage occurs to your vehicle during the process.  The vinyl wraps will help protect and preserve the paintwork of your car. Car vinyl wraps are easily removed when it comes to the resale of your car or handing that back to your lease company.

Carbon Fire Car Vinyl Wraps

Carbon Fibre Car Vinyl Wraps can look absolutely stunning. A carbon fibre car vinyl wrap can be applied to alloys, wing mirrors and roofs for a beautiful finish.

Find out more

If you are interested in having a car vinyl wrap on your vehicle. Either give us a call our you can find out more information on our car vinyl wrapping services on our  dedicated page. 




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We have gone crazy for Car Wrapping in Newcastle this year.

Car wrapping in Newcastle, has gone crazy in 2014, we have seen many cars coming in to our studio to be wrapped.


From old cars, brand new cars, luxury cars and 4 x 4’s. Whether you are looking for a protective film wrap to help protect your paint work. Or perhaps colour changing wrap to give your car a new lease of life. Our team can help transform the look of your vehicle.

Below are just a few of the types of car wraps which have been popular over this last year.

Car Wraps Colour Changing

Its gone colour changing mad this year at Custom Coats. Having a colour change wrap allows you to change the colour of your car. When it comes to the time to sell the vehicle you can have the vinyl removed returning it to its original colour. Its a cheap and easy way to change the colour of your vehicle.

Part Body Car Wrapping

Part body car wrapping is exactly what it says it is. Whether you choose to change the colour of your dashboard, bonnet or roof. This can be done with our partial body car wraps. We have a fantastic range to choose from in colours including carbon fibres to create your desired look.

Wheel, Side Mirror Colour Changes

We can wrap almost anything at Custom Coats ;-). Yes even your side mirrors and alloy wheels can be transformed using vinyl. Come into our showroom to see the choice of colours available.

Protective Film Car Wraps

Car wrapping in Newcastle just got better when we introduced our 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film. The film can protect some of the most vulnerable painted surfaces. It can help protect your vehicle from stone chips, stratches and minor abrasions.

We can wrap your car bonnets, bumpers, headlights all using the 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film. Whether you want to protect certain areas on your vehicle or the whole vehicle its up to you.

New & Luxury Cars

We have seen many brand new and luxury cars come into our studio this year for transformations. Whether that is full colour changing transformations or partial. When it comes to car wrapping it is for all vehicles new, old or luxury. Many of our customers feel safe coming to Custom Coats with the reputation we have built up over the past few years. We also have worked with some of the main motor dealerships in Newcastle, therefore you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

To find out more information on our Car Wrapping in Newcastle see our dedicated page

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Dynamic Car Wrapping – Be Different


Covering cars with vinyl panels ( car wrapping ) can give it a totally new look.  Not only can you change the colour with car wrapping.  The car wraps totally cover your car, this helps protect your car from scratches, chips and general wear and tear. In turn protecting the paintwork underneath the vinyl wrap. Once the car wrapping has been removed, your car is back to its original paintwork.

We often get people coming into our studio with brand new cars asking us to wrap them. Either they simply want to protect the paintwork or they may have bought a car with a colour they don’t particularly like. We can immediately change the colour of the car by simply wrapping it.

We have had quite a lot of new cars into our studio over the past year which have had car wrapping. We often get approached from main dealerships asking us to wrap cars. Generally people have bought a car for a loved one and wanting us to do something really funky with the car as a surprise. The list is endless what we can create using vinyl.  From changing the roof colour, alloy wheels, side mirrors you name it. Its not just full car wrapping we can carry out we can change the look of wheels or rooflines.

When it come to more older cars these can be made to look new again with vinyl wrapping. It can prove much more cost effective that having a re-spray.

Car Wrapping with Vehicle Graphics


The perfect solution for your vehicle or fleet. Appearance in the commercial industry is very important when it comes to people judging the reliability and quality of your company. Clean vehicles which have attention grabbing signage can make a big difference when it comes to first impressions.

Investing in your vehicles graphics and branding can be a big step in marketing your business. Your company image is probably one of the most important parts of your marketing.

Vehicle wrapping with vinyl applied graphics, offers a fantastic solution for protecting your vehicles paint work and portraying your companies image. Attention grabbing sales messages can be added as vehicle graphics to your vehicle. In turn helping sell your business wherever you and your fleet travels.

Would you like to find out more about our car wrapping services? If so please visit our dedicated page.

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Is car wrapping one of the latest new trends?


It has certainly gone car wrapping crazy this year at Custom Coats. We have carried out some amazing car wraps in the North East. From simple roof colour changes, to de-chroming side mirrors and  full car wraps.

Car wrapping can totally transform the look and feel of your vehicle. From a simple paint protection wrap, to the latest vibrant colours such as blues and yellows.

Perhaps you have seen a car you love?

The car is a fantastic price the only issue is the colour. Well, wrap it!

Car wrapping gives you the look of a new car with a simple change in colour. Car wraps unlike spray paint can be easily removed. However, it is best to get a professional company to carry out the work in the first place. We have had vehicles arrive at our garage,  where the wraps have been very difficult to remove. Ensuring that you are using a reputable qualified company for the vehicle wrapping is essential.

Custom Coats won “3M Vinyl Wrapper of the year 2012 Award” for the car wrapping we carried out on a Matte Black Aston Martin DB9.  We have wrapped cars from small town cars to high end luxury cars

Did you know that car wrapping your vehicle is often much cheaper than spraying it?

Commercial Car Wrapping


Commercial car wrapping is a cheap way to advertise your business.  Your vehicle is used as an advertising medium, which helps attract new customers to your business. More complex vehicle graphics can be used to make your vehicle wrap stand out from the competition.

Vehicle Graphics 


We can custom design your vehicle graphics. By adding digitally printed graphics designs, that will have a lasting impression with your new potential customers. When it comes to advertising, its not just about having a phone number and company name on your vehicle.  Its all about quality branding combined with the right message to help reach your marketplace.

At Custom Coats we have invested in some fantastic new equipment and have a team of great designers. This helps to ensure your digitally printed graphics have the WOW factor. Find out more 

You can find out more about our car wrapping services in the North East on our dedicated page 

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Car wraps for the people in the North East

Car wraps have been amazingly popular with our customers from around the North East. Whether you are wanting a colour change or simply paint protection. We have created wraps for vehicles from Nissan Micra’s to Bentleys, Audi’s and even Aston Martins. No matter what type of vehicle, you can benefit from vinyl wrapping.

How can car wraps change my car or van?


There are a few reasons why you may choose to have vinyl wrapping on your car or van. Here are a few of them;

  • It can be more cost effective compared to a full re-spray.
  • Huge choice of colours and designs
  • You can change the colour of your vehicle fairly quickly
  • The DLVA sees the vinyl wraps are reversible. So you don’t need to inform them of the change in colour
  • You can chrome your grills, windows, trims and lights using matt, gloss, carbon, brushed steel effect, chrome and even pearl satin finishes.
  • Advertise your business on the move, with our digitally printed vinyl wraps. Its a way to help get your brand and name out into the marketplace.
  • To help protect your paintwork.  You may also wish to consider our paint protection wraps. 

Paint Protection Film – Car Wraps and Van Wraps 


Whether you have a car, van or even motorbike or caravan.  You may want to consider our simple versatile Paint Protection film.  The paint protection film can help protect your vehicles against stone chips, scratches, scrapes as well as minor accidents. Whether you want to protect just small sections of your vehicle or the whole of it. We carry this out for you at our Newcastle wrapping centre.  Our paint protection film will help keep your vehicle in good condition for longer. 

Find out more about our Paint Protection Film. Find out more about our Vinyl Wrapping Services


We use 3M vinyl wrapping for both our car wraps, van wraps and paint protection films. You can find out more about these products at 3M 











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Vinyl Car Wrapping in the North East – Give your car or vehicle a new look for 2014

Vinyl wrapping is getting hugely popular not just in the North East, but right across the UK.

At Custom Coats Newcastle, we have built up an excellent reputation for applying vinyl wrapping to vehicles. Such as; Nissan Micras, Golfs, BMWs, Audi’s, Range Rovers, Aston Martins and much more. Last year saw us win the 3M UK Wrapstar award for 2012 the Aston Martin wrap we carried out. aston-martin-vinyl-wrapping-24

Vinyl Wrapping Moving On

Vinyl wrapping has moved on a lot over the years. Technology has improved a lo,t since the first car wraps we used to see on the road.

Now almost anything is possible. Here is a selection of the most common reasons that people choose vinyl wrapping for their vehicles.

Reasons To Vinyl Wrap Your Vehicle


Car Wraps – Colour Changes 

Are you are looking to change your car, perhaps you are board with the colour? Well think twice, now with the latest 3M vinyl wrapping you can do just that. Saving you the costs of buying a new vehicle.

A colour change car wrap can either freshen up your old paintwork or change it to a complete new colour. You can change your vehicle fast, just by having a car wrap.

With the latest technical knowledge and fantastic materials from 3M. We can totally change the appearance of your vehicle. No permanent re-sprays are required.

We have a huge selection of colours and finishes to choose from including;

Carbon FibreMatt Black, White and even pinks and blues. There is no mess and damage to your vehicle in the process.  The vinyl wraps help protect and preserve your vehicles paintwork and are easily removed for resale or to hand back to a lease company.

Carbon Fire Vinyl Wraps

Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wraps can be removed at any time, once removed your car will be back to its original finish.

Carbon fibre vinyl wraps can look absolutely stunning. Carbon fibre vinyl wrapping can be applied to alloys, wing mirrors and roofs for a superior finish.

Vehicle Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Vinyl Graphics can brand your vehicle and help promote your business. We offer great designs.

This is a great way to promote your company whilst on the move. It can be a very effective form of advertising for your business. At Custom Coats we can give your business a professional look which stands out from the competition.


VentureShield Paint Protection Wraps

3M VentureShield Paint Protection film has very strong properties. This film can help protect the most vulnerable paint surfaces. It helps protect your vehicle from stone chips, bugs, stratches, minor abrasions and environmental elements. This is a fantastic product which helps keep your paintwork new. Find out more about the 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Wraps.

Get in touch

If you are interested in vinyl wrapping either give us a call or find out more information on our dedicated page. 



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Car Wrapping and Vinyl Car Wraps have become very popular in Newcastle

We have created vinyl car wraps for Bentley’s, Audi’s, Golfs, Aston Martins, Range Rovers, Nissans and many many more vehicles in the City.

Changing the look of your car is simple and quick with our vinyl car wraps.

Whether you want the popular matt black or perhaps our stunning blue or even baby pink. We have a vast range of colours to suit almost everyone’s taste all at very competitive prices.

Take a look at this recent project for a Golf. You will see how easy vinyl car wrapping can totally change the look of your car.

So why choose vinyl car wrapping over paint?

The simple answer is it is much more cost effective compared to a full re-spray. As more and more colours have been introduced for car wraps. They are becoming very fast the new buzz word on the street.

They allow you to change the colour of your vehicle very quickly with very little hassle.  As far as the DVLA is concerned they are seen as being reversible so you don’t need to inform them of the change in colour.

How can van or car wraps benefit a business?


We all know that with any business first impressions count. By advertising your business professionally can help improve your chances of winning that next deal. Digitally printed vinyl car wraps are a great way to help get your brand out there. They can help enhance the appearance and showcase your services to potential new customers.

Have you ever heard the saying “white van man” often it is referred to as unbranded company vehicles. No one knows what they do or who they are. If you see a van in your street carrying out work to a neighbour’s house. If it was branded professionally what would your impressions be of that company? Branding your company vehicle also keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds.

A few years ago i kept seeing some company vehicles branded up around the City of Newcastle. In my mind i knew that company from somewhere but i just could not place it. Months later i had to go to a business meeting and the owner was actually an old client of mine. I had done a piece of business with him years in the past. However, the branding had remained in the forefront my mind. This shows how powerful company branding can be.

As well as car graphics, we also supply vinyl films for Van Wraps and Truck Wraps.

To find out more about our van or car wrapping services visit our dedicated page 

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Car Wraps – Hot Pink Beetle

Car Wraps – Pink Beetle hits the streets of Newcastle and the North East.


Custom Coats latest pink Volkswagen Beetle is certainly getting noticed in the streets of Newcastle and across the North East.

We were asked to do a car wrap in pink for this brand new Volkswagen Beetle. This project was great to do and different from the normal. Being a convertible as well, there is no doubt the owner will stand out from the crowd in this stunning Beetle.

We have had many comments already from females who absolutely love this car.


Pink Micra Car Wraps

Another project we did was a car wrap for a Pink Nissan Micra


Again the owner wanted something different and to stand out on the streets of the North East. Pink car wraps are becoming quite popular especially with our young female customers. Of course the new blues are popular with the boys ;-). Check out this Audi in our new stunning blue.

Car Wraps – Blue Audi

Audi car wrap in our new stunning blue.



Just so the boys don’t get envious of all these girls with their pink cars driving around the North East. We have recently being carrying out car wraps in our new blue. Featured above is an Audi which has had a full car wrap and the alloy wheel trims to match. This car looks absolutely amazing.

There are a whole host of colours to choose from. The blue and pink are very popular at the moment. However, we are launching new colours for our car wraps all the time.

Contact us to see what we can do for your car

Why not make an appointment to come in and see what we can do for your vehicle?

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Newcastle – Our latest trends

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment is one of the latest trends in Newcastle at Custom Coats.

We have been known for transforming cars, vans and motorbikes with our amazing vinyl wrapping service. However, there is a new trend on the market. We are seeing more and more of our customers. Opting to have their alloy wheels refurbished in funky colours or designs. 


Vinyl Wrapping for Alloy Wheels

When it comes to Alloy Wheels being wrapped, we have a fantastic range of colours to choose from and styles. Why not make your vehicle stand out from the crowd?

Choose from amazing colours and patterns. Or if you prefer we can change them from silver to black. This is always a popular choice with a lot of our customers.

Refurbishing your Alloy Wheel 

So you are not wanting to drastically change the look of your alloy wheel. However, they are looking tired and old. Why not give them a new look with our alloy wheel refurbishment service?


Over time your alloy wheels can become scuffed. Not only do they not look great. They can end up affecting the residual value of your vehicle.

We can chemically dip your alloy wheel to remove all the old traces of paint. Then we can shot blast the alloy wheel with a specially designed media.

Then we can correct the imperfections. Firstly we prepare the surface so it accepts our application with a etch primer. This is then applied to provide a solid base for the colour. We then add the colour of your choice. This helps provide strength and overall protection to your newly refurbished alloy wheel.

Using this alloy wheel refurbishment process. We can also change the colour of your alloy wheel. We have quite a lot of colours to choose from. If you are not keen on having vinyl wrapping on your alloys. This is another great alternative for you to give your wheels a makeover.

Find out more about our alloy wheel refurbishment services 

You can find out more about our services for alloys on the dedicated page 

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