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In late 2019 Custom Coats – The Vehicle Appearance Specialists were inducted as Premium Partners of Gibson Shield family, part of Gibson Motorsport Established in 1974, a dominant force within the motorsport industry offering its unique and innovative lineup of paint-protection hydrophobic ceramic coatings and we will be exclusively offering this lineup to Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East of England and the wider UK. 


Designed to enhance gloss levels, prevent bonded contamination, easier cleaning down time and longer lasting protection that’s technologically advanced in everyway and designed to meet stringent racing industry standards! 


We provide an accredited in-house vehicle detailing studio with over two decades experience, certified with the IMI Institute of the Motoring Industry and hand selected to represent the Gibson Shield brand as part of an elite network of UK wide certified professionals working with, and helping to developing the bran. 


Now offering several service packages tailored to meet you  individual requirements. 


Please contact us to book in for your private consultation to explore the product lineup and If you are not already following us on social media for news and updates please check out our Instagram feed to see more of our recent and past work @custom_coats


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Custom Coats

Racing Industry Standards


Our Gibson Shield Ceramic Coatings are one of the most innovative collections of nanotechnology-based ceramic coatings which you will find on the market. They are designed to not only improve the look of your vehicle, but also to extend the life of your car.

Gibson Shield Ceramic Premium Protection For Your Car


Gibson Shield uses the advanced nanotechnology to help not only improve the look of your vehicle but also extend the life span of it.


Created by racing drivers, engineers and car enthusiasts, the brands knows the real importance of both protection and presentation of cars. Over years of research, development and testing on the Gibson Motorsport cars. Gibson Shield developed a range of car care products  which offer unparalleled protection against elements. In-turn giving cars a better level of finish both inside and out.


Our Collection


Shield Ulimate F1


F1 Ulitmate-Gibson-Sheild


The Shield Ultimate is to top product in the range, tested by racing professionals it is the best-in-class protection. In addition, its market-leading ceramic coating uses advanced nanotechnology to offer a clear shield protecting your car from elements whilst enhancing its look and life span.


Furthermore, the chemical makeup of this product, allows it to bond with the paintwork giving a semi-permanent hardened layer. This layer does not wash away or break down and you do not require a regular re-application.


More than a ceramic coating…This product is certainly and investment for your cars future.

Shield F1

F1 Gibson Shield

The Shield F1 again uses the nanotechnology offering a premium protection for your vehicle. It not only improves the look of your car, it protects the paintwork against elements.


Developed to meet the standards of the racing industry and tested on the Gibson Motorsport cars, you are certainly getting a quality product. When applying the ceramic coating it creates a hardened clear layer which is resistant to chemicals and extreme temperature changes. In addition, after repeated washing this product does not break down.


Once this product is applied it only needs to be re-applied once every three years.

Shield F2


Shield F2 offers an efficient nano-based ceramic coating, offering durable protection for your vehicle against elements and to ensure your paintwork is kept it pristine condition.


Developed for enthusiasts which are wanting a more high-end finish at a reasonable price. After this product is applied the nano particles self assemble and bond together with the paintwork. This then forms a 7H hardened layer which protects your car against common rigours of the road as well as changing weather conditions.


Once this product is applied it only needs to be re-applied once every three years.

Shield Glass


Shield Glass uses an advanced nanotechnology for treating your car windows and mirrors. Offering a much clearer and safer driving experience.


Our car windows, windscreens and mirrors are susceptible when it comes to airborne and waterborne pollution. Exhaust fumes, debris and road spray cling to the glass in turn making it difficult for cleaning.


This product was developed to help safeguard glass. It uses the same properties which are found in Shield F1 Ultimate ceramic coating. Nanoparticles in the product work to bond with glass to form a thin, hardened layer. It repels water preventing contaminants getting on to the surface. A long-lasting protection which can last up to  80,000 windscreen wipes.

Shield Materials


Shield Materials brings advanced nanotechnology to the car interior, protecting the fabrics against stains and liquid.


When the product is applied to car seats, carpets, upholstery, mats and convertible tops. The nano-coating forms an impenetrable layer which repels against chemicals and contaminants.


Different from traditional water repellent coatings, this product uses nanoparticles which attach to the individual fibres. Offering a deeper penetration with enhanced durability. This product allows the materials to breathe, the result a lovely clean interior which looks and smells cleaner for longer.

Shield Clean


A premium cleaning product. This can be sprayed directly on hard surfaces and easily wiped down with a microfibre cloth for removing residue.


Using Shield Clean will help ensure a strong chemical bond between the surface of your car. Shield F1 Ultimate, Shield F1 and Shield F2 can all be used alongside this product to keep your car looking pristine.

Shield Smell


Replicating the new car smell, this product smells amazing just like the first time you collected your car from the showroom.


This was developed to work on two different levels. A non-staining formula which can be sprayed onto seats, upholstery, mats and your carpets. A powerful odour eliminator which removes aromas trapped in the fabrics in your car, leaving your car feel like new.

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