Audi A8L Detailing Perfection Newcastle


Audi A8L Detailing Perfection Newcastle

Audi A8L Detailing Perfection At Custom Coats Newcastle

Another transformation by our team, Audi A8L Detailing in Newcastle.

Here we have quite possibly one of the most sophisticated and classy Audi A8L in Daytona Grey, with chrome trim and silver alloys. Shown before we commenced with our personalisation and paint correction service. 

Our client, a very long-standing and loyal enthusiast asked us to make the car look even better than it was. We were asked to fully de chrome (chrome delete) the chrome trim along the windows, grill, front bumper, door handles. We also painted the exhaust tailpipes and brake callipers in Satin Black for that all classy look.

Audi A8L Detailing Services Completed: 

2-Stage Gloss Enhancement Treatment (machine polish) Rupes

Full Gloss dark de chrome

Brake callipers painted Satin Black

Compound Wheel fixed for 21 Inch Rims

Glass Kamikaze Collection Intenso Window Treatment

Compound Wheel Protection Kamikaze Collection Stance Rim Coat

Leather Protection Treatment Kamikaze Musashi


This car is used as an executive limousine and needs to look pristine at all times. The bodywork was in very good condition from the start due to the owner’s meticulous maintenance routine so we set about a quick revitalisation of very lightly marred paintwork using Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800 on our Rupes yellow pad. Both stages were completed with a RUPES LHR 15 Mark II and a RUPES LHR 75E for the tighter areas.

All four wheels were in very good condition and were removed and cleaned with acid-free wheel cleaner and cleaned with a soft detailing brush making sure all of the spokes and rear were cleaned. Next, we decontaminated the alloys with a clay bar to remove stubborn contamination. Next, we sealed the alloys with kamikaze Collection Stance Rim Coat and cured with our IR curing lamps.

In the wake of cleaning the cowhide inside utilizing Colourlock Mild Leather Cleaner, Kamikaze Collection Musashi Leather Coat was applied to secure it against recolouring and furthermore UV which can blur the shade. Musashi coats the calfskin with a scraped area safe layer, forestalling scrapes and avoiding the colour exchange.

Finally, the paintwork, glass and wheels were treated with Gtechniq Panel Wipe, a moderate vanishing buildup remover to kill any clean deposits before applying the last sealants by hand.

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