Ceramic Car Coating Newcastle


Ceramic Car Coating Newcastle

Ceramic Car Coating Newcastle explained.

A ceramic coating is a clear liquid polymer and applied to the exterior of the car by hand. During correct application, the liquid polymer chemically bonds to the paintwork surface. It can only be removed with abrasion process “sanding”. By applying a ceramic coating to your vehicles paintwork you are going to apply a strong level of nano-coating which offers much-needed protection from most every day complaints such as scratches, abrasion, chemical staining, swirl marks, and of course dirt and industrial fallout. 

Similar to expertly applied vinyl wrap, average ceramic coating applications across the country vary accordingly when you take into account industry experience, correct facilities onsite, overheads, insurances and much more. Prices also vary accordingly with regards to the level of input required when it comes to paintwork correction and machine polishing to get your cars paintwork as near perfect as can be to get the right level of bonding, correction and reflection of the paint finish.

It doesn’t just stop with daily drivers either! Yes, we apply our ceramic nano-coating technology to cars we also apply it to luxury motorhomes, yachts, supercars, hypercars, boats, aircraft, marine craft and trains. 

The detailing and coatings industry also provide two other types of coating called Teflon Coating and Glass Coating. We will discuss these in a later blog.

The main brands for Ceramic Car Coating in the industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Kamikaze Collection Enrei Coat
  • CarPro CQuartz Finest Reserve
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum
  • Ceramic Pro 9H

Did you know we are the North Easts only Kamikaze Collection Certified detailing studio since 2017 and we have a dedicated vehicle detailing studio specifically for ceramic car coatings and vehicle detailing?

If you would like to explore ceramic coatings for your car, van, bus, truck, motorhome or even yacht then contact our team now to book in for a free consultation. call 01912286968 or email us at info@customcoats.co.uk.

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