Ceramic Coating a Mercedes GLC 250d


Ceramic Coating a Mercedes GLC 250d

Ceramic Coating Mercedes GLC 250d

We were asked to carry out ceramic coating on a Mercedes GLC 250d, after successful work completed on a customers Mercedes C63 AMG V8 Biturbo.  The customer asked us to correct and enhance the family car Mercedes GLC 250d finishing it in Polar White.

Ceramic-Coating- Mercedes-GLC- 250d

Ceramic Coating Mercedes GLC 250d The Preparation

First on the list, alloys wheels and arch liners using Bilt Hamber Surfex HD, a water based de greaser! A must as these are generally the dirtiest areas of the car and we don’t want to cross contaminate the vehicle.

Second process was to fully decontaminate the vehicle to remove all traces of contamination and bonded contaminants from paintwork, plastic trim, glass, alloy wheels and arch liners using Bilt Hamber Korrosol Iron and Fallout remover. Once chemical reaction was complete (pink/purple run lines) and contamination removed we proceeded with safe wash system utilizing two bucket system and rinse with clean, filtered water to remove water spotting.

Now that the “dirty” work has been complete its now safe to start washing the car using our two bucket, grit guard system with a Ph neutral, Autoglym Pure Shampoo setup.

Rinse and ready to go.

Polishing and applying the coating of choice

Its now time to begin machine polishing using our trusted Rupes DA setup with a combination of pads and cutting compounds to safely lift swirl marks and defects safely.

Once correction was complete we moved onto applying the ceramic coating of choice and on ths occasion we opted for Kamikaze Collection Miyabi to the paintwork, and Kamikaze Collection Stance Rim Coat for the alloys and brake calipers.

Products used for this project

  • Bilt Hamber Surfex HD
  • Bilt Hamber Korrosol
  • Autoglym Pure Shampoo
  • Rupes LHR 15ES Mk3
  • Rupes iBrid Nano
  • Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat
  • Kamikaze Collection Stance Rim Coat
  • Kamikaze Collection Intenso Window Coat
  • Kamikaze Collection Musahi Leather Care

If your interested in Ceramic Coatings or protecting your car with one of our fabulous protection details contact out studio in Newcastle upon Tyne to make an appointment. 

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