Ceramic Coating & Vinyl Wrapping Lotus


Ceramic Coating & Vinyl Wrapping Lotus

Ceramic Coating & Vinyl Wrapping for 22 year old Lotus Elise MK1

Incorporating a mixture of ceramic coating,  paint correction, paint protection film, vinyl wrapping and powder coated alloy wheels. This 22yrs old Lotus looks as good as the day it came off the production line at Hethel.

We were visited by our client in late November 2018 to commence consultation on which would be the best action to take and the best products to use for the job. To begin, we started with a full inspection of the Lotus Elise. This was carried out to better understand the paint finish and what was required in order to revive this “little pocket rocket” to its former glory.

It was decided that a full paint correction was certainly required and we needed some white and gold vinyl work. Then to be followed up by ceramic coating and of course paint protection film. This was to enhance, protect and maintain the hard work we were about to complete.

Starting the Ceramic Coating & Vinyl Wrapping project

Firstly a full decontamination was carried out using Bilt Hamber Fallout Remover to remove chemical contaminants before rinsing away. We then washed engine bay, wheel arches and trim with Surfex HD Degreaser which was agitated an allowed to dwell before pressure washing after approx 4mins dwell time. The car was snow-foamed the using Ultimate Finish’s very own ‘Ultimate Snow Foam’ before shampooing the car with Ultimate Finish shampooed using the two bucket method.

Once drying took place, a full visual inspection was carried out. It wasn’t difficult to see that the 22 year old Lotus Laser Blue paintwork needed some serious corrective TLC! So utilising our RUPES polishers paired up with Kamikaze Collection Ichiban and Banzai Dynamics cutting compound. A 40hr paint correction process was carried out using our Rules Duetto, Rupes Bigfoor, and Rupes Ibrid Nano.

Once all of the paint was corrected to a satisfactory, yet safe level confirmed by paint depth gauges our polishing and cutting stage was complete. Gloss white vinyl by Avery Dennison Supreme was applied to the lower 1/3 of the car with gold vinyl coach stripe to set it all off. Alloy wheels were powder coated Lotus Gold and fitted to the car after a coating of KC Rim Stance Coat that was cured using our state of the art Infra Red curing lamps.

After a day of curing and settling the Suntek Ultra PPF was applied to the front bumper, bonnet and clamshell of the car to protect against stone chips ongoing.

Once all of the vinyl and PPF was applied we then applied our ceramic coating of choice, Kamikaze Collection Miyabe and ISM Pro dual layer application. Why dual layer? By doing this you increase the hydrophobic function and for additional protection, Miyabi can be finished with a layer of Zipang which has the added benefit of further enhancing the shine. Zipang also offers self healing properties!

This car received a total of 72 working hours and when the customer came to collect the car, no words were needed, the look on his face said it all.

We hope you enjoy the pictures

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