Detailing Porsche 911


Detailing Porsche 911

Detailing Porsche 911 Carrera S Endurance Racing Edition  [991] (2016)

Detailing Porsche 911, with only 125 models worldwide this was a truly remarkable vehicle to carry out detailing work on.

We were sent this limited edition Porsche 911 by our local main dealer as they wanted us to correct the paintwork and apply our ceramic coating ahead of the vehicle handover for its new client. With standard flat black paintwork and bespoke decals, we set about decontaminating this car in order to prep and correct the paintwork safely and efficiently.

Detailing Porsche 911 – The Kamikaze Collection

Using The Kamikaze Collection Egoist cutting compound, a water-based polishing compound. This compound does not contain fillers, its silicone free, creates low dust when compounding. Utilised with Kamikaze Collection Banzai Dynamics Black Pad which utilises DPP (Dot point polishing) to reduce surface temperatures created during the polishing process and reduces unwanted holograms.

Once the paintwork was to our ‘standard’ we then cleaned the panels using Gtechniq Panel Wipe to remove unwanted compound residue before applying the product, why because we want the ceramic coating to bond without compromise.

We then set about applying an even coating of Kamikaze Collection ISM Pro 2.0 which is our non-solvent based coating which is optically clear hydrocarbons with ceramic components providing clear, candy and glossy shiny paintwork, once cured we buffed away any residue to leave only the product.

ISM Pro lasts up to 24-36 months, it repels water, dirt and grime and can also be used to restore plastic trim pieces.

20″ Alloys were cleaned using Ultimate Finish Acid-Free Safe wheel cleaner and our selection of brushes designed to get into the spokes and back of the alloy wheel without scratching or damaging the alloys paint finish creating the safest wash imaginable. Alloys were then coated using Stance Rim Coat by Kamikaze Collection.

Vehicle vinyl decals were cleaned and refreshed using Kamikaze Collection Over Coat to provide some added protection from UV and weather damage.

A true masterpiece and the car isn’t half bad either!

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