Paint Correct Detail


Paint Correct Detail

Paint Correction Detail Using Carpro Detailing Products

Paint correction detail with Carpro Detailing products. Let us tell you more about how we recovered this 2011 Saab 95 Polar White. This Saab 95 in Polar White was brought to us completely contaminated in iron fallout from nearby building works and other age-related paint finish matters. It was our job to make this Saab look amazing as in the photos

The process for the paint correction detail

With Carpro products we began by rinsing the car to remove loose debris. We then soaked the vehicle paintwork in Carpro iron X and allowed this to dwell. After dwell, we agitated with a fine detailing brush ensuring we got into all of the gaps! This ensures total attention to detail.

After dwell time and agitation, we rinse after we covered the car in Carpro Tar X Remover and again allowed to dwell before careful removal of tar deposits and industrial contamination fallout.

Next weapon of choice

The next weapon of choice being Clay bar! Clay bar is a fantastic product designed to manually. Using Bilt Hamber Clay Bar we set about removing ingrained contamination bonded to the paintwork.

After clay bar decontamination we then rewashed the car using Carpro Reset Intensive shampoo, rinsed and hand dried with plush, fluffy microfiber towels.

Once the exterior was complete we moved to clean the glass inside and out, we also opted for Carpro Intensive Water spot Remover to remove any traces of hard water limescale deposits.

The Interior

Interior was next on our list. With a thorough deep clean using the power of steam and safe chemicals. Furthermore, we rejuvenated the interior bringing back the lustre and smell of the leather with Dr Leather wipes and Gtechniq L1 Antibacterial Interior cleaner. Carpets were hovered and also treated with Gtechniq I1 Interior Protection.

Tyres were treated and coated with Gtechniq T2 Tyre Dressing

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