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Paint Protection North East

Paint Protection North East Vehicle Specialists

Paint Protection North East Specialists. Our paint protection films (PPF) are created to protect your vehicle from stone chips, debris, minor scuffs as well as scrapes. They form a shield for your vehicle to help keep that showroom finish to your paintwork.


Benefits of Paint Protection Films

Investing in paint protection films for your vehicle in the North East is certainly a good idea. Not only will your paintwork be protected from chips, debris, scrapes and minor scuffs. It will also be protected against other Environmental factors which can affect the paintwork such as bugs, bird excrements along with poor washing techniques. In addition, the paint protection film also helps make life easier when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your vehicle.

Various Forms of Paint Protection

Standard PPF

This type of protection covers the areas most prone to damage, for example the front and lower bumpers, lower bonnet area and the wing mirrors.

Full Front & Sensitive PPF

Covering basically everything you can see as you face the vehicle head on. Including the bonnet, front edge of the roof and rear wheel arches.

Complete PPF

A full-body protection for peace of mind, this protects all the paint work. In-turn making it a lot easy when it comes to cleaning your vehicle, making it shine like you had just had it detailed. Certainly a good investment for if you ever come to sell the vehicle.

Why Choose Custom Coats For Your PPF ?

Based in the North East of England, Custom Coats have a good understanding of vehicle contours. With years of experience in vinyl wrapping and paint protection. We have protected many high-end vehicles over the years and also carried out work for major car dealerships in the North East. Over the years we have been trading we have established an excellent reputation in the North East area for high-quality workmanship.

PPF Packages

Paint protection film is priced generally to suit your own individual requirements. Generally speaking most customers choose either standard, Full front and sensitive or a full complete paint protection.

We carry out a consultation with your vehicle, to find out about your own individual needs and requirements in order for us to provide a more realistic price. As with most things ‘you get what you pay for’. This is the same with paint protection, they are risks involved when applying this to a vehicle, no matter if its a motorbike or a high-end car. Therefore it is essential you use a qualified skilled technician who has years of experience in this field. Using a skilled technician will help ensure that your paintwork is safely worked on and the quality film they use lasts through correct professional application and preparation. ¬†Another factor with the cost will be the quality of the material used, all the materials we use for your peace of mind are from leading manufactures in the industry.

Finally, if you would like a FREE quotation for paint protection for your vehicle please contact us. 

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