Range Rover Sport L494 Vinyl Wrap & Detailing


Range Rover Sport L494 Vinyl Wrap & Detailing

Range Rover Sport L494 Vinyl Wrap & Detailing

Recent Range Rover Sport L494 Vinyl Wrap by Custom Coats

Here we have a stunning L494 RR Sport 2 in Santorini Black brought to us by main dealership/customer from Jaguar Land Rover to receive the following services:

– Roof & Spoiler wrap in Silver Metallic – 3M 1080 Vinyl Wrap
– Callipers Painted Brembo Red with decals
– Alloys powder coated in Silver Sparkle code: MNH
– and more…

Exterior Range Rover Sport L494 Vinyl Wrap Project

Prior to work commencement the RR was stripped of all necessary trim and components and then deep cleansed using Ultimate Finish Pure Shampoo, Snow Foam and Safe Wheel Cleaner. Paintwork was clay bar treated to remove stubborn ingrained particles followed by a fallout remover and then we were ready to begin the hard work of correction, enhancement and protection.

Once alloys were removed they were shipped to our preferred Powder Coat provider who always deliver on quality! Wheels were then prepped and sealed with Kamikaze Collection Stance Rim Coat.

Brake callipers were chemically stripped and painted with Brembo Red Gloss and new vinyl decals applied.

Roof and spoiler was carefully decontaminated and vinyl wrapped in 3M 1080 Gloss Sterling Silver – G251 and then coated with kamikaze Collection Film Coat offering protective nano sealant which helps heal small defects and prolongs the life of wraps. Once applied adds hydrophobic performance and increases gloss levels.

The Interior Range Rover Sport L494

Interior was cleaned with various interior cleaning products along with our go-to lineup Kamikaze Collection Musashi Leather Care which provides an unrivalled hydrophobic barrier preventing stains from spills, mud, drinks etc. Also protects against the damaging affects of UV and dye transfer from dark suits, Denim jeans, etc a complete must for those lighter interiors!


Windows were decontaminated and treated with Kamikaze Collection Intenso Window Coat – Hydro coating for glass Repels water, oil & grime. Water beads off windscreen at speeds over 20mph. Ice & snow will not adhere as well to treated surfaces and reduces surface friction. Will not cause wipers to judder or squeak!


Carpets were cleaned and treated with Fireball Ultimate fabric Coat which repels liquids, helping to prevent stains and preserves car fabric interiors used on carpets, roof linings, mats, boot liner etc.

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