Range Rover Velar Paint Protection Film


Range Rover Velar Paint Protection Film

Range Rover Velar Paint Protection Film Project 

Paint Protection Film For a 2019 Range Rover Velar in KAIKOURA STONE

Featuring a tasteful 3.0 D300 HSE Auto setup offering 300BHP and a 0-60 in just 6.0s!

This car was brought to us fresh from Stratstone Land Rover Newcastle to receive a complete New Car vehicle preparation detail and most importantly to receive a much-needed application of Paint Protection Film to the front end forward facing components.

Range-Rover-Velar-Paint -Protection Film

The car was deep cleaned and clay barred to remove any traces of oil, grease, dirt, traffic film and bonded contaminates. Even though a car is brand new its never clean.

Hexis BodyFence Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film (PPF) of choice on this application was Hexis BodyFence, which is an ultra clear, & high gloss finish offering a 7yr lifespan against yellowing and cracking. Headlights wee also installed with Hexis BodyFence Blacklight, which is an adhesive “tinted” headlight and taillight film that offers the protection of Paint Protection Film.

Full installation takes place with strategically pattern cut kits that are engineered to fit the velar like a glove.

Maintenance is also hassle free and straight forward with its invisible anti-adhesion coating which is designed to keep the car looking fresher and younger for longer.

The velar received paint Protection Film (PPF) top the bonnet, bumper, wings, wing mirrors, A pillars and sills. New badges were ordered and re installed after installation for that clean factory finish. The film is virtually undetectable and all of our Paint Protection Films offer self healing properties.

Are you interested in protecting your vehicle with Paint Protection Film? If yes, we can help and offer you accesss to some of the best brands available from Hexis BodyFence BODYFENCEBNV, Xpel Ultimate Plus & Xpel Stealth, Suntek Paint Protection Film Ultra all in templated or bulk installation options for bespoke applications of PPF and vehicles not yet templated at our studio in Newcastle upon Tyne and North Tyneside.

  • Autoglym Pure Shampoo
  •  Bilt Hamber Korrosol
  •  Bilt Hamber Surfex HD
  •  Bilt Hamber Auto Clay
  •  Hexis BodyFence BODYFENCEEBNV
  •  BlackLight light tint BLACKLIGHT
  •  Hexis Gel
  •  Hexis Body-Aid
  •  Hexis Body-Prep
  •  Polish Angel Intimate Interior Cleaner
  •  Polish Angel Cristal Agent Glass Cleaner
  •  Polish Angel Leather Conditioner
  •  Polish Angel Leather Cleaner
  •  Polish Angel Honey Tyre Dressing

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