RR SVR Valet – Velocity ultra metallic Blue

RR SVR Valet – Velocity ultra metallic Blue

How do you make a 3 tonne, 5 meter long and almost 2 meter high vehicle shift… you stick a breath taking 5.0L V8 producing 550bhp and 680Nm of torque into it, you tighten up the suspension and you give it a louder exhaust system… because “why not?”

The next question is how do you keep the very eye catching and beautiful Velocity Blue paintwork looking so good… you bring it to Custom Coats of course. This Range Rover was brought to us in well… let say a not so well kept condition shall we?

After a full day in the shop getting a good going over by our valeting team even the sales manager who really doesn’t like range rovers (or any 4×4’s for that matter) stopped to take a look! 

This full valet was complete using the Sansom range of detailing products, starting off with a good amount of Sansom Bugsy to get rid of the bug and invisible grime that the vehicle was covered in. Then moving on to a deep soaking with Snowstorm which is a pre wash snow foam that is designed to soften all the particles of contamination and debris and with positive and negative ions it also lifts it from the paint surface to wash it away with ease.

Following the Pre-wash the Rangie was washed with a premium washout and sponge along with the Squeaky luxury shampoo also from Sansom, which can only be described as being even better quality than some shampoo ranges human beings put on their hair… maybe this Range Rover was “worth it” (get it?).

Following the wash on the exterior the team began on the interior, starting off with a wipe down and hoover of all interior trim and carpets. Then a full detail using the Superior interior detailer range for the hard surface interior, the Plush range for the fabrics and then finishing off he luxury leather seats with the Lucky leather creme and cleaner. 

Then the final steps to take the car to the next level is to apply and wipe off the hydrophobic glass cleaner and apply Voodoo black gloss tyre and trim shine gel. 

Our premium valeting services are available on most vehicle and prices start at just £15