Signature Vinyl Wrapping & Detailing


Signature Vinyl Wrapping & Detailing

Signature Vinyl Wrapping & Detailing Newcastle

Signature vinyl wrapping and detailing project.

As specialists in vinyl wrapping and an accredited vehicle detailing studio and we take immense pride in our work. It is always great to win a new customer.

It is even better when that customer becomes loyal and returns to you 3 years later to ask for another appointment.

Back in January 2016, our customer brought us this stunning Audi Q7 in Daytona Grey. The paintwork was to be wrapped fully in Avery Dennison Burgundy Gloss Red to create the look of the limited edition looking Q7.

April 2019 signature vinyl wrapping and detailing

Fast forward to April 2019 and the car is back for more of our signature vinyl wrapping and detailing work. This is to include full ‘old’ wrap removal and fully clean down and cleanse the bodywork before a full re-wrap.  Avery Dennison Radioactive Green Gloss Metallic accented with gloss black vinyl wrapped de chrome accents, powder coated alloy wheels in gloss black. Along with a full interior detail to cleans, protect and sanitize the leather, plastics, glass and fabrics, that make this car one of the best and ultimate SUV.

The old wrap removed and it’s onto a full decontamination process begins while was powder coating the alloy wheels gloss black. Into the bodywork. Using CarPro Iron X to remove traces of contamination and fall out from the environment and brake dust we set the product to work and allow to dwell before rinsing. Car bodywork especially the front was hit with Carpro Trix Bug Out to remove dead insects from especially the grill, headlights and windscreen.

After the new wrap was applied after 5 days of hands-on and wrap was cured we then protected the new vinyl wrap using CarPro CQuartz SKIN PPF and Vinyl Wrap Coating. This is designed to offer extended UV protection, extend the life of the vinyl wrap, makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.

In addition, the Alloy wheels were coated and protected using CarPro CQuartz UK Edition 3.0 for lasting gloss, clarity and easy maintenance.

The interior

The interior was treated using INSIDE – Leather and interior multi-purpose cleaner followed by CeriGlass: Glass Polish & Cleaner. Fabrics were treated using Cquartz Fabric Coat with a final touch of So2Pure: Odor Eliminator to banish the last three years of odour from daily driving.

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