Wheel and calliper refinishing

Wheel and calliper refinishing

Wheel and calliper refinishing in the North East 

Do you have tired, curbed, damaged flaking alloy wheels? Or are your brake callipers in need of a refresh? 

Our Alloy Wheel and Brake Caliper refinishing service is second to none, our customers agree, now we want you to also. We offer a dedicated, professional service with aims to fully restore your alloy wheels and callipers transforming the look of any vehicle. You can drop loose wheels with or without tyres or the entire car and we will remove the wheels and take care of the rest. 

Our alloy wheel refinishing process of complete colour change options includes acid dip, shot blasting service, repair service and of course heat treated before powder coating or wet painting the finish.  Our Lacquer offers protection against UV radiation, dirt, salt, brake dust and more, it doesn’t just look glossy or matte for that matter!

All tyres are marked up, removed and refitted to the same corner wheel it was taken from and rebalanced minimizing any need to rebalance or track your steering. 

Our tyres are re-inflated with 78% nitrogen, oxygen and vapour mix which will help maintain tyre pressure for longer and reduce the risk of corrosion from moisture to the wheel and we can also offer a premium ceramic coating to aid easy cleaning and virtually minimize adhesion of harmful matter sure as tar, brake dust, salt, dirt and oil!

All of our Alloy wheels come with a 12-month warranty 

Brake Calliper Refurbishment

We offer two levels of service when refurbishing your callipers. 

  1. “Wet” Painted in situ

Wet painting callipers is by far the most economical and fastest turn around available. The process involves a deep clean, mask up and preparation. We utilize a UV curing paint system when means our callipers are dry within a couple of hours. We do not remove them from the car nor disrupt the brake assembly in this service meaning we can complete the process usually the same working day. 

  1. Powder Coated

This is a more in-depth process. Our mechanics will strip the brakes from the car completely; remove seals, pistons and valves. The callipers are then acid dipped, stripped and then powder coated at high temperature. This is a far more durable product and service and takes several days to complete. Once cured we can offer advanced protection with our very own composite ceramic coating. Why not add some new vinyl decals, we also offer these as well!

We can paint your brake callipers in virtually any colour as long as we know the paint code of desire! 

Visit our dedicated workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne and North Tyneside and meet one of the team members who will be happy to assist with any questions you may have.